A Few Words on COVID-19

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Corrine Buchanan, MS, Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

Here at Geffken Group, we recognize that COVID-19 has impacted our community in a variety of ways. The effects of the response to the virus are felt by all to a varying extent in a variety of capacities, including: socially, financially, physically, occupationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Asian Americans may be experiencing reactionary racism following news of the virus, compounding these effects. It is not abnormal during this unprecedented time to find that we or our loved ones are experiencing alterations in mood, increased marital or familial conflict, or changes in energy level. This crisis has caused underlying symptoms to become more pronounced, as stressors increase and familiar supports are inaccessible. And for many, the pandemic has brought about role transitions, as we transition to what it looks like to be a parent, spouse, or caregiver who works from home.

All of that normalization is to say, remember to be gentle with yourself and with others as we survive through this time. Change is inherently stressful and we are experiencing a lot of it all at once. Now, more than most times, will be the moments where our default ways of navigating the world may start to resurface.  Get support from loved ones. If this feels difficult, begin to challenge thoughts or narratives which deny your own needs and humanity. Professional assistance is available through our office, as we are accepting new clients via telehealth at this time (352) 377-1426. If financial constraints prevent you from accessing resources through our private practice, or you need to speak with someone urgently, reach out to the Alachua County Crisis Center’s hotline at (352) 264-6789 to speak with someone.

Below are additional resources related to coping through COVID-19.

UCSF Weill Institute of Neurosciences/Department of Psychiatry “Resources to Support Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak”


UCSF Weill Institute of Neuroscience/Department of Psychiatry “Useful Wellness and Mental Health Apps”


Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality COVID-19 Resource List


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